Planning & Design

Design & Network Architecture

During planning and design, we create the specifics of your physical system based on the information gathered from our assessment and analysis. With our proactive approach, we make sure all your risks are addressed and your questions are answered so we can get to implementation as quickly as possible.

Security Specifics

Our security experts identify entrances that require access card readers and designate the best areas for panic alarms. We determine things like where to place cameras and motion detectors. Whatever security elements you need, we specify exactly where each of them fits into your physical location.

IT Infrastructure

Working closely with our security team, our Information Technology consultants talk with you about your infrastructure. They know the questions to ask regarding network devices deployed, cable plant, operating and software systems, and other elements of your infrastructure. We’ll discuss with you how to integrate your physical security equipment and software and not impact performance. We can handle your entire integration, or act as a guide for your IT team.

Equipment Evaluation

The Resource One team makes equipment recommendations for you based on physical layout and your existing infrastructure. From there, we coordinate manufacturer demonstrations so that you can learn about each piece of equipment first-hand and make the most informed decisions.

Proposal and Submittal Generation

Our experts work closely with you to create a plan that works within your budget. We create detailed proposals with supporting documentation, so that you know exactly what to expect. After the approval of all proposals, Resource One delivers thorough drawings and submittals.

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