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The Ohio Statehouse


The Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board is responsible for maintaining the historic character of the Ohio Statehouse and Capitol Square while providing for the health, safety and convenience of those who work in or visit the complex. The central point for security management for the Ohio Statehouse – which hosts thousands of visitors each year and is home to the day-to-day operations of the Ohio Senate and House of Representatives – is a Security and Operations Control Center (SOCC). The SOCC is critical in maintaining the safety of this Ohio government building, but because of additional equipment being added, CSRAB wanted to bring the equipment up-to-date and have efficient systems. CSRAB knew the SOCC wasn’t as efficient as it could be.

The SOCC had 12 existing 28'' analog video monitors that connected to an analog matrix switching system and these needed to be replaced for better video imaging displays.

The Solution

To address these issues, CSRAB worked with Resource One to create an entirely new, state-of-the-art SOCC.

In order to replace the small format analog monitors, Resource One installed a Media Wall, consisting of three 65” LCD monitors connected to an RGB Spectrum Media Wall Processor, and integrated it with the existing Lenel OnGuard network video system already in place.

The RGB Spectrum Media Wall processor allows CSRAB staff to position windows however they like, simply by dragging and dropping. It also allows for smooth zooming within images, titling, programmable presets, backgrounds, digital clock, on-screen cursor control, KVM control, and edge blending.

From this Media Wall, CSRAB staff can view closed circuit video, network video, emergency call boxes, and access control, as well as any cable or weather channel.

Resource One also added desktop workstations so that users can manage all video and other systems from a single access point.

The Result

Now, CSRAB has the flexibility to view any camera in any format on any monitor. The Media Wall is easy to control with a user-friendly interface. And, because the new equipment doesn’t produce nearly as much heat, the climate in the SOCC is more work friendly.

The new SOCC allows CSRAB staff to gain access to critical information much more quickly in the event of an emergency, and increases their response times significantly.

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