Case Studies

Wheelersburg Local Schools

The Challenge

Wheelersburg Local is a school district located in Southern Ohio, that serves over 1,500 students in grades K through 12.

When the district was granted funds under the Ohio School Funding Commission, they began work on a new 250,000 square foot school building. Resource One was awarded the opportunity to install the new physical security system.

Prior to the construction of the new building, the school was housed in multiple buildings, each with its own physical security system, built using a variety of manufacturers and completely different codes and PIN numbers.

In addition, the old systems used analog video over coax, and video was recorded on premise. To monitor and manage video, it was necessary to work between the disparate systems and access the video locally.

The Solution

Resource One completed the set-up and installation of the physical security system in the new building. This included Lenel OnGuard access control and intrusion detection systems, as well as an ONSSI IP-based network video system. The access control system is used to badge all school employees and issue access control keys.

Components of the Wheelersburg Local physical security system:

  • 118 cameras
  • 22 card readers
  • 2 Dell servers with 12 Tbytes of storage for network video
  • Door contacts for all exterior doors
  • Motion detection system

The new system uses the network infrastructure already put in place.

The Result

Wheelersburg Local has gone from managing several security systems to a single system that combines access control, intrusion detection, and employee badging and credentials. The new system features state-of-the-art hardware. IP-based technology leverages the existing network infrastructure.

Facilities staff can now easily control access into the new facility and monitor exits and entrances in real time. Video can be viewed from any workstation. All key security points can be accessed from a single point.

Because of the physical security system in the new school building, staff can respond more quickly in the event of a security breach, and the safety for student and faculty has been significantly increased.

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